All about me.

My name is Avital Bankay Acton, I am a Freelance Motion Graphics Designer and Illustrator, specialised in Branding. based in London.

In 2010 I completed my master’s degree which specialised in Branding Strategy. Since then I have become a Digital Freelance Designer.  


I created on social media a project called  "Be brave not perfect" I illustrated brave woman around the world hoping that every little girl sees herself in any one of this brave women feel their strength and possibility in them. each brave women change history hoping that they will inspire your future by doing something that you love doing.  #bebravenotperfectproject 

My focus and experience are based on Branding, creating your brand visual identity throw your brand vision including brand guidelines. The outcome is to design motion graphics specialise as creating sort animation clip corporate design and business identity layout. For each client, I start by:

  • Understand your business and brand value and vision

  • Work on your Brand Identity and layout design look and feel, Brand Book guidelines.

  • Target research your costumes by creating digital marketing tools

  •  Understand your brand competitors and the new market trends.

  • Following up on clients to ensure satisfaction and long on-going business relationships.


2009 - 2010

2001 - 2005


MA Design and Brand Strategy (2:1)                                                                                                 

Branding strategy B2B +B2C. Creative Enterprise, Design & Marketing relationships in organisations, Planning Design Strategy and  New product development process.

  • Dissertation: Design of New Age Television Channel Branding (Grade achieved: A)

  • Member of the “Made in Brunel 2010” creative team.

As a group leader in the design future model, I presented our results before the “Design Bridge” Company based in London.


B.Des Communication Design (Hons)                                                                                     Specialised in visual communication design, media and Telecommunications, Graphic Design in motion & illustration artistic skills, computer studies, design methodologies, advertising, marketing and visual media.

  • My Animated Children's Book was published in Israel and was invited on several occasions to lecture to medical staff and teaching professionals). Building a business to costumer relationship (B2C)by selling my books 

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